StopMo Jam was a fun, experimental project that was created by famed animator Anthony Scott. Anthony asked stop-motion animators around the world to create an animation of up to 20 seconds with a seasonal Spring theme to it. Everything had to be shot on white with empty start and end frames. Puppets could be made of any material, but no store bought items.
Our animator Justin Kohn wanted to create a Caltiki Monster (1959), blob inspired piece that had new life springing from death. Clay was used to create smooth motion between shapes. Justin added animated surface textures to add more life to the animated blob.
The set-up was simple but effective. We set up a small animation stage with a white seamless backdrop, fixed camera, overhead light and two side lights for fill. As always, we used Jamie and Dyami Caliri's Dragonframe software for image capture.
A clean plate was shot so we could rotoscope out the rigs used and paint out any imperfections. Sound effects were added later. Anthony Scott added music to the compilation piece that was created from the submissions by the more than 50 animators who participated on the project. It was a very quick, fun project to work on.