Perhaps stop-motion is more than what you need on your project. Maybe you require something short and sweet to help build your brand on Instagram or one of the other social marketing platforms.
When simpler is better, Athena still has you covered. We have done visual development, motion-graphics, title design, credits and other 2D style animation for everything from small Kickstarter crowd-funding campaigns to promotions for multinational corporations like Bosch. We're experts at Photoshop and wizzes at After Effects. We can even combine motion graphics with live video on our professional green-screen stage that's been used by companies like LucasFilm, Pixar, MTV and the SF Academy of Science.
So if you're brand story needs to get the point across clearly, using great design and dynamic imagery, give us a shout, or better yet a phone call. You might have to yell really, really loudly otherwise...